Human Resources

Welcome to Wayne County Human Resources!  Our department is the "heart" of the County.  This is where it all begins!  We encourage you to click on our Employee Links tab frequently to see where you might fit as a proud Wayne County employee!  Our staff is here to help.

OUR MISSION: To support the Wayne County staff through teamwork, effective organizational development, proactive efforts, leading and managing change, and a courteous, helpful HR office.

The purpose of the Human Resources Department is to provide the following quality services to the employees of Wayne County:

  • Recruitment of qualified individuals
  • Retention of valuable employees
  • Training, development, and education to promote individual success and increase overall value to the organization
  • A safe and healthful working environment
  • Inspiration and encouragement for a high level of employee morale through recognition, communication, and feedback
  • Resources for administering benefits, policies, and procedures
  • Promoting fairness, equity, and inclusion for all

These services are achieved through a teamwork philosophy inspired by effective organizational skills, proactive efforts, and courteous staff.