Retirement Plans

The employees of Wayne County will participate in the NC State Orbit Retirement System automatically, with a matching contribution from the County. They may elect to also participate in Prudential’s 401K  Retirement Plan, with up to a 2% matching contribution from the county. A different option is Prudential’s 457 Deferred Compensation Plan, which does not include employer matching. The contact phone number for Prudential enrollees is 1-877-778-2100.

Click here to see Prudential’s 401(K) highlights or the Prudential 457 highlights leaflet. Our Prudential Representative is Timothy Bevin and can be reached by Phone: 919-637-1426, Fax: 866-439-8602, or E-mail: Find more information about retirement education click here. You can ask questions and review your plans with the representative by making an appointment with HR. 

Please schedule an appointment or call our benefits coordinator at (919) 580-4004 with any questions on retirement.