On-Site Wastewater System

An on-site wastewater system involves the collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater in single or multiple components. These include:
  • A privy
  • Any chemical toilet used only for human waste
  • Mechanical or biological wastewater treatment system
  • Public or community wastewater system
  • Septic tank system
  • Wastewater reuse or recycle system
A person owning or controlling a residence, place of business or place of public assembly shall provide an approved wastewater system. The Department regulates the installation, collection, treatment, and disposal of septic systems and other types of wastewater systems in order to render them ecologically safe and to protect public health.

Governing regulations include The Laws and Rules for Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems of the North Carolina Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources, Division of Environmental Health On-site Wastewater Section.