Healthy Homes Initiative

Program Description

Healthy Homes is a nationwide program that examines all components inside and outside the home, and/or environmental issues that may specifically affect children where they reside. It is a multi agency collaboration with federal and state government, university affiliations, county and local entities striving to improve the health of it’s most vulnerable citizen- its children. The Healthy Homes initiative is program that all counties in NC will be exploring within the next two years. For more information about healthy homes, please visit the Healthy Home website.
Healthy Homes Initiative Logo
As we develop this program, we will provide consultative advice and education to parents, renters, realty agents, mangers and owners on health hazards both inside and outside of residential areas. We are excited to offer information on many possible environmental contaminations to children such as mold, radon, carbon monoxide, household chemicals, pesticides, etc. and especially lead.

Lead Poisoning
Lead remains a health hazard to every child that lives or regularly visits a pre-1978 dwelling that is in unstable condition. It will remain an independent program for the Wayne County Health Department. For more information about childhood lead poisoning prevention or to contact us (Wayne/ Wilson Lead Poisoning Prevention program) or for more information, go the Lead Poisoning link.

Consult Your Physician
We encourage parents to consult their physician or care provider for any medical questions or specific care advice for their child. For more information on child health issues, you may contact the Child Health coordinator at Wayne County Health at 919-731-1000.

For more information or for group presentations, you may contact our office by phone or email.