Fee Schedule

The following fees are effective September 10, 2014.

Type of Inspection
Site Evaluation (Includes IP*, ATC**, and OP***)
Expansion $250
System over 480 GPD*** for each 1,000 or part of
$250 +$20
Repairs 0
Permit Revision
Relocation Authorization
Locating Septic System
Well Permit
Well Repair
Pool Plan Review
Pool Operation Permit
Tattoo Parlor / Artist
Food Facilities Plan Review
Water Samples
Total Coliform (Bacteriological)
Inorganic Panel (Metals, Anions, N02/N03)
Inorganic Panel (Metals, Anions)
Nitrate / Nitrite
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
Full Well Panel (Inorganic / Total Coliform)
Acronym Definitions
*IP (Improvements Permit means lot is suitable for a septic system)
**ATC (Authorization To Construct means that all conditions have been
met and construction can begin)
***OP (Operations Permit means septic system has been installed and
****GPD (Gallons Per Day)