Wayne County Development Alliance


County of Wayne Designees

  • Julie Daniels
    Term expires: December 2019
  • Barbara Aycock
    Term expires:  December 2021
  • William H. "Bill" Pate, Executive Committee
    Term expires: December 2019

Goldsboro Designees

  • Gary Smithwick
    Term expires: 2019
  • Neal Benton
    Term expires: 2019
  • Jim Daniels
    Term expires: 2019
  • David Perry
    Term expires: 2019

Mount Olive Designees

  • Joe Scott
    Term expires: 2019
  • Dr. Philip Kerstetter
    Term expires: 2019
  • Bobby Frye
    Term expires: 2019

Impact Wayne Designee

  • Bob Kornegay
    Term expires: 

Secretary / Treasurer

  • Craig Honeycutt                                                   Term expires: December 2019

Bob Kornegay


11 members, 3 members appointed by Board of Commissioners


Promotes economic development.


Action by the Wayne County Board of Commissioners

Source of Appointment

Wayne County Board of Commissioners

Term of Appointment

See ordinance