Inspection Process

Steps in the Inspection Process
  1. Footing: Before concrete is poured into footing with grade markers in place and any reinforcing steel and supports if required. (no wood grade markers).
  2. Foundation: Foundation with bolts as per code 12 inches from corners and 4 feet on center before dirt is around piers and over footing.
    • Piers - After piers are capped (before wood)
    • Concrete slab
      • Step 1 - Before Plumbing is Covered
      • Step 2 - When ready to pour concrete with vapor barrier in place and reinforcement wire if required.
  3. Floor: Floor framing is in place just before any floor sheathing and after dirt is leveled and crawl space is cleaned and clear of all vegetation and debris.
  4. Sheathing/nailing inspection (exterior walls/OSB)
  5. Rough-in Framing: When rough-in framing, plumbing, mechanical and electrical are installed. All holes around plumbing, mechanical and electrical work shall be caulked with an approved caulking before insulation is installed in walls. Any ventilation baffles for insulation must also be installed. Windows and doors installed with labels meeting low-e requirements.
  6. Insulation: When insulation is installed in walls and ceilings prior to hanging sheet rock and/or paneling.
  7. Final: General contractor and/or permit holder to call for final inspection. When all construction work is completed with vapor barrier installed under home and ready for certificate of occupancy.
Inspection Fees & Notes
  • $50 Re-inspection fee for each re-inspection
  • 1.5 times permit fee if work is tarted before permit is issued.
  • Do not call unless work is ready for inspection
  • Please call 919-731-1169 before 5 p.m. for next day inspections.