Care Management for High Risk Pregnancies (CMHRP)

CMHRP is a statewide program in North Carolina that promotes healthy mothers and babies. CMHRP care managers are registered nurses or social workers who will work with you and your prenatal provider to ensure you receive the best possible care while you are pregnant and after you deliver your baby.

CMHRP Care Managers:

  • Help you get the services you need, like medical care, transportation, food or housing.
  • Refer to other programs, like the WIC nutrition program, Parenting, Breastfeeding, or Childbirth classes.
  • Assist to deal with challenging levels of stress.
  • Offer ways to assist in taking care of you.
  • Provide information on health and family topics, to include pregnancy and development.


  • Individuals must have Medicaid or be Medicaid eligible and meet screening criteria, including but not limited to:
  • Chronic medical conditions or behavioral health issues which may cause complications.
  • Fetal complication
  • History of delivery of a low-birth-weight baby (less than 5.5 lbs)
  • History of preterm delivery (baby born before 37 weeks gestation)
  • Late entry into prenatal care (after 14 weeks gestation)
  • Pregnant with multiples (twins, triplets, etc.)
  • Substance abuse or tobacco use
  • Unsafe living environment (domestic violence or abuse)


There are no out of pocket expenses to participate in this program. This is FREE and voluntary program offered to support mothers during and after pregnancy.

To enroll or for more information call 919-731-1305.