Tag & Tax System

About the Tag & Tax System
The North Carolina General Assembly passed a new law to create a combined motor vehicle registration renewal and property tax collection system (Tag and Tax System). In doing so, the new law transfers the responsibility for motor vehicle tax collection from the 100 counties across North Carolina to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

North Carolina’s new Tag and Tax System has been designed as a convenient way to pay annual vehicle tag renewals and vehicle property taxes.

If your address is current with the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles, you will receive a Tag and Tax Notice listing both vehicle registration fees and taxes due. Just as in the past, vehicle owners will receive the notice about 60 days prior to their vehicle’s registration expiration.

Tag & Tax System Benefits
The new Tag and Tax System makes it easier to manage your vehicle registration and taxes. Beginning September 2013, your annual vehicle inspection, registration renewal and property tax are all due the same month each year. This means 1 payment will complete the annual tag and tax payments for your vehicle. Beginning September 2013, the NC Department of Motor Vehicles will handle:
  • Payments for registration fee
  • Payments for motor vehicle
  • Property tax
The Wayne County Tax Department will handle:
  • Appeals of value
  • Tax jurisdiction corrections
  • Refunds for sale of a vehicle
  • Refunds for moving out-of-state
Special Notice
Registrations with an August 2013 expiration date or earlier will still receive a tax bill from the Wayne County Tax Office and are to be paid to the Wayne County Tax Office.