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Security / Personal Firewall Application Settings
If you are using a Popup Blocker, please disable it and try again. If you still have problems, please read the following instructions.

In order to use certain features of our site such as the Register of Deeds and Tax on-line search pages, references to HTTP_Referer need to be unblocked. The purpose for this is to ensure everyone who uses the on-line search applications accept our disclaimer. Some Internet Security applications such as Norton Internet Security (NIS) block HTTP_Referer by default during installation. You may unblock HTTP_Refer blocking in most security applications. The other option is to temporarily disable your security software to allow you access to the page and then re-enable it. For your convenience, we have links to support pages below that will explain how to change your settings. If you are using a security application not listed below please consult its documentation for instructions for unblocking HTTP_Referer.