S.W.A.T. Team

The SWAT Team's purpose is to handle high-risk tactical situations. Examples include hostage incidents, execution of high-risk search warrants, violent fugitive arrests, and more.

The SWAT Team’s operational concept is containment and apprehension. This involves locating and isolating suspects, evacuating the area threatened, and utilizing special tactics to apprehend suspects in a manner that affords minimum peril to law enforcement and citizens who may be directly or indirectly involved.

All of these Officers are highly trained in defusing volatile situations by the use of many different tactics including less-lethal and non-lethal solutions. They are equipped and trained to perform missions under any conditions over land or water. Each member has been trained by a State or Federal Certified Instructor in their respective fields of expertise.

A sub-unit of the SWAT Team includes a team of hostage negotiators who respond to situations if needed.