Aviation Unit

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office Aviation Unit operates 2 aircraft obtained through the military surplus system.

Each is uniquely equipped offering various capabilities in supporting units on the ground.

Air Watch 1

This is a 1970 OH-58A+ helicopter intended mainly for daytime operations. Having an advanced communications package makes it a quality command and control platform.    Air Watch 1


This is a 1969 OH-58C outfitted with Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) making it the primary for nighttime operations. Some added safety features include a radar altimeter, range extender and an instrument panel equipped with light filters which will allow the use of night vision goggles.

A Raven Helicopter


The mission of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit is to enhance officer safety and assist communities through the strategic deployment of airborne technologies. Accordingly, the aviation unit strives to work close with the Patrol, Warrant, Swat, Dive Team, and K-9 Units in the accomplishment of their tasks.

The Sheriff's Office helicopters are valuable lifesaving assets where flight crews respond to crimes in-progress, missing person calls, or to help capture dangerous criminals when warrants are served. Additionally, the aircraft is used to help locate lost children, Alzheimer or Dementia patients, conduct surveillance, observation, assess and report fires, aerial photography and marijuana eradication.