Health Department


301 N Herman Street
Goldsboro, NC 27530


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Main: 919-731-1000
Medical Appointments: 919-731-1005
WIC Office: 919-731-1276
Environmental Health: 919-731-1174

Name Title Email Phone
Millard, Terri Public Health Nurse II 919-731-1264
Bailey, Wendy Public Health Nurse I 919-731-1210
Ball, Maritza Processing Assistant/Spanish Interpreter 919-731-1376
Walters, Phyllis Social Worker II 919-731-1255
Belton, Francina Processing Assistant IV 919-731-1627
Brown, Felicia Processing Assistant III 919-731-1258
Calloway, Monica Registration 919-705-1248
Coley, Joy Social Worker I 919-731-1194
Craig, Michelle Social Worker II 919-580-4035
Crouse, Bonnie Health Director's Secretary 919-731-1302
DeGrechie-Roberts, Casey Dental Assistant 919-731-1952
Matthews, Michelle Accounting Technician I 919-731-1673
Evans, Dana Processing Assistant IV    
Gillette, Cynthia Processing Assistant III 919-580-4074
Goff, Pam Processing Assistant IV 919-705-1820
Grimmer, Leah Laboratory 919-731-1275
Harper, Melanie Licensed Practical Nurse 919-731-1295
Hatch-Torres, Miriam Spanish Interpreter 919-731-1253
Hill, Elizabeth Nutritionist II 919-731-1223
Howard, Stephanie Nutrition (WIC) 919-731-1220
Johnson, Lisa    
Morrisey, Sandi Public Health Nurse II 919-731-1304
Niel, Maria Registration 919-705-6539
Peacock, Sue Public Health Nurse I 919-731-1622
Raynor-Vaughn, Josa Communicable Disease 919-731-1271
Robinson, Earlina Processing Assistant III 919-731-1245
Rouse, Jackie Processing Assistant III 919-731-1277
Smith, Connie Director of Nursing Secretary 919-731-1385
Thornton, Tammy Public Health Nurse II 919-731-1244
Warren, Faye Physician Extender II 919-731-1250
Wiggs, Veronica Processing Assistant II / Interpreter 919-731-1421
Wilkins, Charlie Pharmacy 919-731-1243
Williams, Tina Social Worker II 919-731-1289
Wolfe, Brenna Director of Nursing 919-731-1000
Wynn, Sheila Licensed Practical Nurse II 919-731-1873
Craine, Matthew Overdose Prevention 919-580-4079

Health Education Division 

301 N Herman Street
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Goldsboro, NC 27530