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It's Your Future- Be There! Wellness Program.

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Whether you are an apple or pear shape, your body shape can be the factor in diseases according to American Heart Association, having an apple shape can increase your risk of serious health condition.

Your abdomen is the most crucial area to lose weight/inches. If you think about, it is the home of life sustaining organs, such as:  digestive system (colon cancer), arteries (heart disease), kidneys (renal disease/cancer), pancreas (diabetes/cancer), liver (cancer/increased bleeding/stops metabolizing toxins), gallbladder (disease), and the adrenal glands (increased cortisol levels /uncontrolled blood pressure). By carrying around extra fat or fluids in our abdomen, it adds pressure to those vital organs; eventually making them not function correctly, or worse, stop functioning all together. A healthy waist circumference for women, 35 inches or less and men, 40 inches or less.

It's Your Future- Be There! is a 10-week wellness program will teach employees how easy it is to achieve a healthier lifestyle by eating, moving more, becoming resilient to stress and about your health.




Highest achievers who helped contribute to a total of 61 inches loss from waist    circumference and over 70 pounds of weight loss during the 2019 wellness program! 

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