HealthMapRx Diabetes Program

You may be eligible to participate in a free health benefit sponsored by Wayne County called HealthMapRx™. This program is voluntary and made available to employees, retirees, and dependents who are currently covered under the health insurance plan. HealthMapRx™ is a confidential program and Wayne County will NOT have access to your personal health information.

How does it work?

This program is designed to help individuals manage their Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes. Participant will be paired with a pharmacist care manager for private face-to-face appointments 4-6 times per year. Most sessions are scheduled for 30-45 minutes to discuss pertinent health information and allow participants an opportunity to ask any questions you may have related to your condition. For your convenience, appointments will be scheduled at the worksite and during work hours.

Do YOU qualify?

 • Do you take medicine for diabetes or pre-diabetes? If you answered YES, you qualify!

What’s in it for YOU?

  •  $0 Co-pay for Medications: Co-pays are waived for formulary preferred medications used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
  •  $0 Co-pay on Diabetes Supplies: Co-pays are waived for preferred formulary diabetes testing devices and supplies; insulin and other injectable diabetes medication administration supplies.
  •  Participation Incentive: Participants can earn up to $120 per year.
  •  Self-Monitoring Technology: Participants will receive a blood pressure monitor that has Bluetooth® capabilities with an app to track readings.

How do YOU enroll?

  1. 1) Enroll Online: HealthMapRx Enrollment Link (Control + Select)

    Use Customer / Sponsor Code: 1023

  2.  Contact HealthMapRx Program Support
    1. • Phone: (336) 580-0340
    2. • Fax: (877) 828-2467
    3. • Email:
  3. Request Information: Scan the QR Code 

Enter Wayne County when prompted to identify Program Sponsor / Employer

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