Effectiveness: 71%
Cost: $0-8
Common Brand(s): VCF, Conceptrol, Gynol II
Prescription Required: No
Use Every Time for Vaginal Sex

Spermicide is a cream or gel that a female puts deep into her vagina before having sex. Spermicide prevents pregnancy by blocking the entrance to the female cervix so sperm can’t get to an egg, and stops sperm from moving well enough to swim to an egg—essentially killing the sperm.

Spermicide works best with other birth control methods such as condom use. Using spermicide alone is not that effective at preventing pregnancies. In fact, every year about 28 out of 100 people who use spermicide as their only birth control method become pregnant.

It is important to use barrier contraceptives like condoms while using this birth control method as it doesn’t protect against STDs nor guarantees pregnancy prevention!

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