Birth Control Patch

Birth Control Patch
Effectiveness: 91%
Cost: $0-150
Common Brand(s): Xulane
Prescription Required: Yes
Replace Weekly

The Birth Control Patch, or the patch, is a hormonal patch that a female wears on her upper arm, back, buttock, or belly. The patch releases the hormones estrogen and progestin through the skin which prevent ovulation or the release of an egg. If there is no egg being released, pregnancy cannot happen.

The patch is super easy to use. The female just puts the patch on one of the above stated parts of her body, and replaces it once a week (7 days). The patch must be replaced on the same day every week from when it first got put on. So if a female places the patch on her upper arm on a Monday, then she must change her patch every Monday.

It is important to use barrier contraceptives like condoms while using this birth control method as it doesn’t protect against STDs nor guarantees pregnancy prevention!

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