About Us

About the Agency
The Wayne County Veterans Service Office is a county agency. We are governed by the policies and regulations of Wayne County.

Under the umbrella of the Veterans Administration (VA) you have the VA Medical Centers (healthcare) and VA Benefits (compensation, pension, etc). Although both of these programs are managed by the VA they are 2 separate entities.


We submit all applications and request for VA benefits to the VA Regional Office in Winston Salem. As an agency we work with the Regional Office not for the Regional Office. The structure of the VA system in regards to the submission of information is as follows:
  • Wayne County Veterans Services
  • North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs Wilson District Office
  • North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs State Office
  • VA Regional Office in Winston Salem
We play no part in determining the outcome of your claim other than to send the information requested by the VA.


We have been asked by the VA Medical Centers that veterans begin the process of applying for healthcare either at one of their facilities or online. You can complete this process at the Fayetteville VAMC or at the Goldsboro Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC).

We do not:
  • Maintain routine communications with your healthcare provider
  • Schedule appointments
  • Have access to healthcare files
If you have prescriptions given to you by a non-VA physician that are normally filled through the VA, we can fax those prescriptions to the medical facility.