Fee Schedule

General Instruments
All General Instruments -- 1 - 15 pages (does not include UCCs) $26
Additional Pages after 15 (each) $4
Additional (Multi instruments) $10
Non Standard Document: (A non-standard document is 1 where any of the following criteria are not met and a charge will apply. The Non Standard fee is in addition to the recording fee.)
  • Paper size is 8.5" x11" or 8.5" x 14"
  • Blank margin of 3" at top of first page.
  • Blank margin of 1/4 on remaining sides of first page and on all sides.
  • Typed or printed with black text on white paper in a legible font.
  • A font size no smaller than 9 point shall be considered legible.
  • Blanks in an instrument may be completed in pen and corrections to an instrument may be made in pen.
  • One sided only.
Only Cash or Check Accepted for Real Estate Recordings 
Deeds of Trust and Mortgages
All Deeds of Trust and Mortgages -- 1 - 35 pages (This includes Amended Deeds of Trust, Supplemental Deeds of Trust, Restated Deeds of Trust) $64
Additional Pages after 35 (each) $4
Additional (Multi instruments) $10

Filing Plats $21
Certified Copy $5
Uncertified Copy $3

Marriage License
License $60
Corrections $10
Certified Copy $10

Notary Oath
Oath $10
Verification of Commission $5

Vital Records (Birth or Death)
Certified copy of a Birth or Death Record $10
Delayed Birth Applications-includes Certified Copy $10
Amendment Preparation for Birth Records $10
Fee to NC Vital Record for Out of County Search after 1971 (includes 1 birth certificate) $24
Fee to NC Vital Records - Legitimations $15
Fee to NC Vital Records - Amendments $15

Uniform Commercial Code(UCC) Fixture Filing ONLY
1-2 Pages $38
3-10 Pages $45
Over 10 Pages $45 + $2 Each Additional Page over 10

Request for Uncertified Copies
Copies in general $0.25

Request for Certified Copies of Real Estate
1st Page $5
Each Additional Page $2