IT Forms

Employee Change Request Form
This form is used in conjunction with the Track-It work order system. Use it when submitting requests to set up new employees, changes to employee information, transfers/moves to other departments or offices within a department, and for resignations and terminations.

The completed new employee form may be included as an attachment in your Track-It ticket.

Please submit this form no later than 4 business days before you need it accomplished to avoid delays in account creations, office moves etc. (Resignations and Terminations do not apply to this time frame.)

Request for Mobile Phone or Stipend

There are two forms that need to be filled out and approved.

  • Mobile Phone/Stipend Request form This form must be filled out and approved by your supervisor and an IT manager for all requests whether you get a stipend or mobile phone.  
  • County owned phone  This form needs to be signed if you are getting a county phone
  • Request a stipend This form needs to be signed if you will get a stipend for using your own phone