Education Opportunities

The division partners with local districts, the association and other conservation partners in many outreach efforts. Events attempt to increase awareness of natural resources and ecosystems while encouraging life-long stewardship.

A few of the opportunities include:

Education Contests 

School age contests are held for poster, essay, speech, computer designed poster, and computer designed slide shows. Students are encouraged to enter annual competitions at their local soil & water conservation district to compete for cash awards and recognition.


The Envirothon is a fun, hands-on, natural science academic competition for teams of middle and high school students sponsored by the NC Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts with help in organization and implementation from the NC Division of Soil and Water Conservation.

A year-long curriculum combining in-class studies with outdoor training in ecology and natural resource management emphasizes teamwork and higher order thinking skills such as analysis and interpretation. The Envirothon helps develop environmentally aware citizens who are able to assume future leadership roles. Subject areas studied are: Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Soils and Land Use, Wildlife and Current Environmental Issues

Resource Conservation Workshop

The Resource Conservation Workshop is a weeklong workshop and involves study and hands on participation in a wide range of conservation topics. Students are housed at NC State University campus dormitories under the guidance of live-in counselors.  In order to achieve success, students should come prepared to meet the primary objective of the workshop -- learning about natural resources and their management in today’s global environment. Awards and scholarships can be won and are presented to students under several awards programs.

Mobile Soils Classroom

The Mobile Soils Classroom trailers provide a variety of concept-based, learner-focused, hands-on demonstrations that will engage people of all ages in learning about soil science, soil management and conservation. 

Contact Wayne SWCD if you would like to learn more about these opportunities, 919-734-5281 ext. 3.