Physical Health

Physical health is exactly what is says: Health pertaining to the body. Three key factors of physical health are: Nutrition, physical activity, and oral health.

  • Nutrition
  • Your diet plays in important role in how well your body functions. A balanced diet provides the necessary vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and fat that your body needs for optimal function.

  • Tips for Proper Nutrition:

  • Aim for at least one serving of fruits and vegetables per meal/snack
  • Limit simple carbohydrates (cake, chips, candy, etc.) and eat more complex carbohydrates (potatoes, beans, grains, etc.)
  • Drink more water
  • Limit sugary drinks

  • Physical Activity
  • Physical activity is not only for weight control. It can also decrease your chances of developing diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer.

  • Tips for Physical Activity:

  • Aim for at least 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week (walking, running, sports, bike riding, dancing….just move!)
  • Stand more. Instead of sitting while watching TV, playing video games, or using the computer, try standing. Too much sitting is bad for you.
  • Try doing a circuit of push-ups and squats (see how many you can do in 2 minutes, take a break, and then try for another 2 minutes for how ever many circuits you want.)

  • Oral Hygiene 

Proper oral hygiene is important for overall health. Brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and flossing between them reduces the chances of having tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease is linked to heart disease and diabetes. Don’t forget to brush your tongue, as it contains the majority of oral bacteria. Try to brush at least twice a day and use mouthwash containing fluoride for added protection.

Other Tips for Oral Health:

  • Use caution with oral piercings when brushing and flossing.

  • Drink plenty of water and limit sugary and acidic drinks. Drinking through a straw helps reduce teeth discoloration and the amount of contact sugar and acid have with the teeth.

  • The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises against the use of whitening products by anyone under the age of 15, due to a lack of research supporting their safety for use on young teeth.


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