Illegal Dumping

Article XV: Littering & Unauthorized Dumping
It shall be unlawful for anyone to dispose of solid waste in an open dump.

It shall be unlawful to leave solid waste at a recycling and convenience center or landfill unless there is a county employee present who consents and/or supervises the leaving of the solid waste at said site.
It shall be unlawful for any person to litter at Recycling and Convenience Centers. Littering shall include dumping solid waste in a solid waste container and causing said container to overflow. It shall be unlawful for any person to dump solid waste at a landfill except in areas designated by the Manager of the Solid Waste Department.
Illegally Dumped Waste in the Woods
All costs incurred by Wayne County in the collection and removal of litter at a Recycling and Convenience Center or landfill, or in the collection and proper disposition of unauthorized dumping at a landfill shall be recoverable from the person who littered or dumped in violation of this Ordinance and from the person who generated said litter or unauthorized dumped material.

It shall be unlawful for any person to place garbage on the ground for the purpose of feeding livestock.

If any solid waste disposed of in violation of this Ordinance can be identified as having last belonged to, been in the possession of, sent to or received by or to have been the property of any person prior to being disposed of, such identification shall be presumed to be prime facie evidence that such person disposed of or caused to be disposed of such solid waste in violation of this Ordinance.

Penalties and fines shall be assessed for any offense that is in violation of North Carolina law or county ordinance. The fine for a first offense of illegal dumping is $100.