What is the process for a project?

After the petition is received and confirmed, the County will proceed with securing an engineer who drafts construction documents for the project.  The project is then put out to bid for qualified contractors to submit proposals.  Staff uses the bid to calculate the total expected cost of the project.  Affected property owners are notified of the final estimated cost and two public hearings are held for citizens to speak in front of the Board of Commissioners.  Construction may not begin until the Board of Commissioner approve a preliminary resolution directing the project to proceed.  Residents may remove their name from the petition at any time prior to approval of the preliminary resolution.  If the petition falls below the 75% before approval of the preliminary roll, the project cannot move forward, and no fees will be charged to residents. 

Upon completion of construction, the Board determines the total costs of the project in order to calculate the total assessment to be levied.  After the total costs has been determined, a preliminary assessment roll is created listing all properties and the amount of each assessment.  Residents are mailed copies of the roll, and a public hearing is scheduled so that any residents may appear and comment on the preliminary roll.  Following the public hearing, the Board may amend the preliminary roll as it sees fit and vote to approve the roll.  The assessments become a lien on the property once the Board of Commissioners confirm the roll.   

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