What is the Wayne County Street Assessment Program?

The Assessment Program was established pursuant to Article 9 of Chapter 153A of the North Carolina General Statutes.  The law permits counties to oversee construction improvements to subdivision roads that do not meet NC Department of Transportation standards.  The County fronts the cost of the project and then   assesses the affected property owners after construction is complete.  The costs are split equally amongst all property owners in the subdivision.  The County adopted a street assessment policy in 2015 which governs the County’s implementation of these projects.

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1. What is the Wayne County Street Assessment Program?
2. Can the County repair roads without issuing assessments?
3. What is the process for a subdivision to submit a petition for consideration?
4. Who is required to sign the petition and how many signatures are required?
5. How are projects decided upon?
6. What is the process for a project?
7. Can a resident remove or add their property to the petition after the initial petition has been submitted?
8. Are properties which opted out of the petition still included in the assessment?
9. How is the amount of the assessment determined?
10. When do assessments have to be repaid?
11. How are assessments paid if the resident chooses the 10-year repayment option?
12. Can a resident pay an assessment early?
13. Will my mortgage company collect the assessments into my escrow similar to property taxes?
14. Who maintains the roads after improvements are completed?
15. What happens to the assessment lien if I were to sale my house within the 10-year repayment period?
16. What happens if I do not pay the assessment?