Should I appeal?
You should file an appeal if you feel the assessed value exceeds the market value of your property. You should include a recent appraisal or other documents relating to the condition or value of your property and similar properties.

You should not file an appeal if you think the assessed value is about what you could sell your property for. Also, your ability to pay your tax bill is not a valid reason for an appeal.

The detachable bottom portion of the revaluation notice will serve as your informal appeal form. The form must be completed in its entirety and returned to the Tax Office within 30 days of the date on your notice. You will be contacted by a Tax Office employee or a second revaluation notice will be sent to notify you of any change in value. If you are not satisfied with the results of the informal appeal, you may wish to file a formal appeal with the Wayne County Board of Equalization and Review. Instructions on how to do this will be included in your second notice. If you are still dissatisfied with the Board's decision you may file an appeal with the North Carolina Property Tax Commission.

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