Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections

Note: This section is for teens who have made the choice to be sexually active. Teens who choose to engage in sexual activity put themselves at risk for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. The following information is provided to help them reduce their risk of STD/Is and pregnancy.

*Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD): infection that results in damage to the normal functioning of the body. Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI): infection that typically does not cause any symptoms. Not having any symptoms does not mean that you are not infected!

About 20 million cases of STD/Is are diagnosed each year in the United States, and not including the cases that go undiagnosed and unreported. The majority of cases of chlamydia are found in15-24 year olds. In North Carolina, gonorrhea and syphilis rates are high. In fact, North Carolina currently ranks 4th in syphilis rates, and gonorrhea has become resistant to almost every drug used to treat it. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections that go untreated can increase the risk of acquiring HIV, cause fertility, and chronic pelvic pain.

Although proper condom use reduces the risk of acquiring a STD/I, the best preventive measure is abstinence!


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