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Emergency Kits

The time to put an emergency kit together is before a disaster. An emergency kit is a container of items your family may need in or after an emergency. Most of the items can be found in your house. It is important to put them in one place. Be sure every family member knows where the kit is kept. A good resource on what is needed for a kit can be found at ReadyNC or at Angie's List.

Es mejor preparar un plan de acción y reunir un equipo de suministros que pueda necesitar durante una emergencia o desastre.  Un equipo de emergencia es simplemente un abasto de cosas que su familia pueda necesitar en una emergencia.  Es muy posible que ya tenga estos objetos en su hogar.  Trate de tener el equipo de suministros en el mismo lugar.  Asegúrese de que todos los miembros de la familia sepan dónde se guarda el equipo de emergencia.  Un buen recurso para saber qué es lo que necesita se puede encontrar in la página ReadyNC en Español o en Angie's List.

To Do Lists

Preparing for hurricane season in advance and knowing what to expect when one hits is one of the smartest things you can do, whether you need to remain in your home or create and follow a hurricane evacuation plan. Here you will find useful safety tips on how to prepare for a hurricane, how to stay safe while it's happening, and how to deal with the aftermath once the storm has passed. Preparing for a Hurricane: Before, During and After

Additional Information

Disasters and other emergencies are an unfortunate but very real fact of life. Anyone, regardless of their age, where they live, or what they do, can find themselves faced with an unexpected but dangerous situation that is beyond their ability to prevent. While natural disasters and health emergencies can’t always be avoided, people can prepare for them. By being prepared, individuals can help lessen the chances of injury and death both during any potential incidents and after. Preparing for health emergencies and natural disasters also enable people to help others in a crisis. The Nurses Guide to First Aid and Disaster Preparedness is a wonderful website to compile a First Aid kit from a nurse's standpoint.



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