George Wayne Aycock

Headshot of Commissioner Wayne Aycock
At Large District
2236 US Highway 581 North
Pikeville, NC
Phone: (919) 222-4646


Board and Committee Memberships
  • Appointment Committee (Chair)
  • Fire Commissioner
  • Facilities Committee
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
  • Rural Planning Organization (RPO)
  • Wayne County Transportation Committee (Chair)
Commissioner Aycock was elected to the Wayne County Board of Commissioners in December 2012 as the At-Large member. In 2013,  he was elected Chairman of the Wayne County Board of Commissioners, serving briefly as Acting County Manager and re-elected as Chairman in December 2014.

Commissioner Aycock served on the Nahunta Fire Department for 52 years (2014), including terms on the board of directors, board chairman and assistant chief.  Mr. Aycock is a past president of the Wayne County Firemen's Association. As a member of the Wayne County Planning Board, he served as chairman for three years.  He also served on the Northwestern Sanitary Water District for five years.  He is a member of Pikes Crossroad Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Commissioner Aycock is a lifelong resident of the Nahunta community.  An experienced businessman, Commissioner Aycock owns and operates Nahunta Storage and is a partner in the Nahunta Softball Complex. He operated Wayne Aycock Trucking from 1971-1992. He worked as a fleet manager and distribution supervisor for Dean Foods in Faison and safety manager for Wilco Transportation Services in Mount Olive.