Adult Medicaid is for eligible individuals who are aged, blind or disabled.

Community Programs

CAP-MR (Community Alternatives Program for the Mentally Retarded) and CPA-DA (Community Alternative Program for Disabled Adults) prevent potential individuals from having to go into long term care by being able to receive the same type of care at home without having to pay their cost of care.

State/County Special Assistance Programs

Assistance is available for individuals needing nursing home care under the Medicaid Program or Adult Care home care through the State/County Special Assistance Program. The State/County Special Assistance Program is the only cash aid program administered by the Adult Medicaid Unit. In addition to the regular Medicaid Programs, the unit administers the limited programs which are referred to as MQB (Medicaid Qualified Beneficiaries). These programs are available to individuals who have excess income/reserves for regular Medicaid.

How to Apply

Applications are taken on the 2nd Floor of the County Office Building 301 N Herman Street
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Applications may also be completed by contacting the agency for an application to be mailed, the phone number is 919-580-4034.

You can complete within the agency while you are there and leave with the receptionist, or may be downloaded from here and mailed to the agency.

The date the application is received in our agency through the mail is considered the date of your application.

The mailing address is:
Wayne County DSS
301 N Herman Street
Box HH
Goldsboro, NC 27530