Support Services Division


The Wayne County Sheriff's Office Support Services Bureau staff is comprised of: 

  • Captain Chris Worth
  • Lieutenant Richard Blizzard
  • Lieutenant Tom Parker
  • Lieutenant William Kates
  • Sergeant Brandy Jones
  • Sergeant Marion Walton




  1. Richard Lewis

    Major/Enforcement Division
    Phone: 919-705-6542

  2. Chris Worth

    Captain/Support Services/SRO/Aviation
    Phone: 919-581-3551

The function of Support Services is overseeing the daily administrative operations of the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center. It is responsible for:


  • Maintaining the equipment inventory records
  • Maintaining the Fleet Maintenance Records
  • Maintenance of employee training records
  • Maintenance of records pertaining to all firearm activities within the Sheriff's Office
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Surpluses obsolete equipment
The growth of Wayne County has brought many challenges for the Sheriff’s Office, including staffing demands, technology, new laws, and additional duties. Because of this, the Support Services Division is continually looking to the future, insuring that no matter what situation Sheriff Pierce's Deputies and Detention Officers face, the right tool for the job will be at hand.

Technology & Training
Sheriff Pierce and the Support Services staff work diligently ensuring that Deputies and Detention Officers have up to date and properly maintained equipment, advanced training, professional advice, and ready access to a multitude of additional resources. The Support Services Division is an important part of Sheriff Pierce's success in maintaining a high level of morale and proficiency in his personnel.