E - 911 Communications Center

The Wayne County E-911 Communications Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our goal is to provide the most efficient service possible to ensure a quick and appropriate response to emergency situations.

We operate a staff of 6 Telecommunicators per shift. We have 8 911 lines and multiple administrative lines.

  • During any 24 hour period we process over 1,200 phone calls. About 300 of those result in a unit being dispatched.
  • During any 30 day period we process over 37,000 phone calls and over 9,000 of those result in units being dispatched.
  • We expect to process over 450,000 phone calls and dispatch to over 75,000 emergencies during a 12 month period.
Recently, the Goldsboro 911 Center, Mount Olive 911 Center, and the Wayne County 911 center were merged together. The equipment was updated to current technology.

We are located at the renovated Federal Building now known as the Jeffreys Building.

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