First 30 Days

County management has a sincere concern for the welfare and safety of all employees and the public you serve. It is the County’s desire to provide as safe a work environment as possible. It is your responsibility, and that of your coworkers, to always use safe practices first and foremost in every task. To provide you with the training you need to work safely, your department manager has been given a program of safety training that you will be required to complete. Documentation of your having completed this training must be submitted to Human Resources.

HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules
In some areas, County employees have access to very personal and sensitive information about the patrons we serve. In you work in one of these areas and will be responsible for this information, your department manager will offer you the necessary training to assure we protect the privacy of others.

Documentation of this training will be maintained in your personnel file.

Access to Intranet
An eNewlsetter is posted at least weekly on the County’s intranet. You will want to review the Newsletter for current information about activities that may impact you. You will also have access to posted holiday schedules and other important information by accessing the intranet. To register for this access please follow the instructions (PDF).

Again, congratulations on your new opportunity to grow and learn with the County of Wayne! Your Human Resources Team wants to make your experience as rewarding as possible. Please contact us with questions you may have: