Day 1

Personnel Policy

The most current edition of the County of Wayne Employee Personnel Policy (PDF) is available online. You are required to review these policies, print, sign and date the Acknowledgement Form (PDF) and bring this form to Human Resources along with all other paperwork to be submitted. During your employment with the County you will note that it is necessary to modify policies from time to time to reflect changes in legislature, benefits, etc. When modifications are necessary you will be notified that an updated version of the policy has been posted and given a summary of the modifications made.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Full-time employees may participate in the County’s Blue Cross Blue Shield health care plan.

You may also wish to participate in the Flexible Spending Account Program in which you may set aside a specific amount to be deducted from each paycheck, pre-tax, to use to cover medical and/or childcare expenses. Please see form below.

If you have coverage elsewhere (a spouse’s plan, for example) you may decline coverage and opt out of the group plan. The County will pay you $500 annually, in June, to opt out. If you opt out for a portion of a year, the payment will be prorated accordingly.


The County of Wayne participates in the North Carolina State Retirement Plan. This is available for full-time employees and regular part-time employees (1,000 hours/ annually). For additional information, please follow the appropriate link:
Payroll Forms & Benefit Forms
You will need to fill in and sign each of the forms below and bring them to Human Resources on the date designated to you by the Human Resources Representative who shared the online orientation link with you. By clicking on each form you will access a copy of the form and instructions on how to complete it.

Full-Time Employee Forms

Part-Time to Full-Time Employee Forms

Part-Time Employee Forms

Regular Part Time Employees (1,000 Hours Annually)

Insurance Orientation

Optional insurances are available to all full-time Wayne County employees. Insurance orientation will be held on the second Thursday of each month. It is mandatory that all new hires attend. New hires will be contacted by a representative to schedule an attendance date.

Benefit Information & Claim Forms

View benefit information and download claim forms online at Mark III Employee Benefits Page.