New Hire Orientation

Congratulations on your new opportunity to grow and learn within the County of Wayne!

This orientation program is designed to help you understand the County’s culture and provide important resources and information concerning your job and policies.

Through this program, you will also have access to forms that you will need to complete to get your paycheck started and set up your benefits, such as health insurance and retirement.

After reading through the instructions, start with Day 1, and then it is best to go through the topics in order starting with those that are covered in the First 30 Days topic area. You may skip around if you like but make sure that you go back and complete each section.

Completed Forms

When you have completed this online New Employee Orientation, you will need to bring the completed forms as well as the following document to the Human Resources Office at the time already indicated to you:
  • A “voided” check or deposit slip for Direct Deposit Enrollment form
  • Driver’s license or other valid photo identification
  • Your original Social Security Card. (See Privacy Information (PDF) regarding the County’s use of your Social Security number.)
Time Frame
You will need to complete the entire Orientation program, including forms, prior to the date given to you by the Human Resources representative who directed you to this website. If you have specific questions, however, please jot them down and bring them to Human Resources with you. If you have difficulty with completing any of the forms, bring the printed forms with you to Human Resources on the date indicated.

Verifying Completion
Please use the check list to make sure you have completed each form required. When you have finished the forms and online orientation, print the check list, sign your name, write in the date you completed the orientation and take to Human Resources along with your other forms on the date designated.