Joe Terrell Productivity Award Program

Procedures and Application
The Joe Terrell Productivity Award Program is designed to stimulate innovative thinking and provide monetary awards or paid leave days to employees or employee teams who develop suggestions on ways the County of Wayne can save work time, reduce expense, reduce waste, improve work methods or quality of services, enhance public relations or working conditions.

Every active employee on the County payroll is eligible to submit suggestions and receive awards for those suggestions. Employees are encouraged to submit their ideas and proposals that reach beyond the scope of their immediate functions or assigned duties. Any suggestion from a group or team that meets the criteria for an award will be treated as if it were received from an individual employee.

Eligible Suggestions
  • Combination of operations or functions; creation of new designs or methods
  • Elimination of duplication, labor, equipment or unnecessary operations
  • Improvement in service, efficiency, methods, inventory and communications
  • Reduction in downtime, costs, waste or safety hazards
  • Savings of time, space, labor, utility and materials.
Ineligible Suggestions
  • Changes in legislated fees or taxes
  • Duplication of a suggestion previously submitted
  • Individual employee compensation or position classification
  • Matters which are considered part of the normal job responsibilities of the employee and within the employee’s authority to implement
  • Matters which are the subject of assigned or contracted audits, studies, reviews or research
  • Opinions which do not offer a specific solution or procedure for implementation
  • Ordinary requests for supplies
  • Personal grievances and complaints
  • Routine maintenance
  • Suggestions that recommend a specific brand or product.
Awards are based on 2 different types of ideas: tangible ideas or intangible ideas.

Tangible Ideas
Tangible benefits are measured in terms of a dollar-savings of at least $5,000 per year resulting from implementation of employee suggestions. Awards are based on first year net savings (12 months following implementation). First year net savings are defined as the total annual savings less the yearly cost of implementation. Tangible savings may result in an employee payout of 10% of actual first year savings (with a maximum of $2,500). Tangible group/team suggestions will be awarded as if it were to an individual.

Intangible Ideas
Intangible suggestions are ideas that may have an overall benefit but whose benefit cannot be measured in dollars or have a savings value of less than $5,000 per year. These suggestions may involve improvements in working conditions, changes in procedures, revision of forms, improvements in employee morale, or employee health or safety. Types of awards may include 1-2 paid leave days.

Awards are subject to federal, state, and local taxes.

Award Procedures
  • Suggestion must be signed by the person submitting the idea
  • Suggestion must be submitted on the Joe Terrell Productivity Award Suggest Form and presented to the Human Resources Director
  • Suggestion must propose specific method of implementation
  • Tangible suggestions must include a formula for cost savings.
When 2 or more persons submit a similar idea or proposal independently of 1 another, the proposal received first will be the 1 eligible for review. All other duplicate proposals will be ineligible for consideration until the life of the first proposal has expired. The active life of a proposal is 2 years.

Suggestion/Proposal Procedures
  • Applicants will be notified within 2 weeks following the County Manager’s decision.
  • County Manager will be responsible for approving all ideas sent to him for consideration of an award; and,
  • County Manager’s Management Team will forward all proposals to the County Manager with their recommendation;
  • Human Resources Department will receive all proposals and present to the Employees' Activities Committee for initial screening to assure program criteria is met. (This committee will meet once per month to review proposals).
  • Proposals that meet criteria will be forwarded to the County Manager’s Management Team for review of new suggestions and monitor those that have been implemented;
  • The Employees’ Activities Committee will notify employee and department head of proposal’s receipt and confirm adherence to guidelines.
Employees’ Activities Committee Responsibility
The Employees’ Activities Committee is comprised of a representative from each County department. This committee will review all proposals. This review by a committee of peers will insure adherence to program guideline.

County Manager’s Management Team Responsibility
The County Manager’s Management Team is comprised of approximately 6 (6) department managers, selected and serving on a rotating basis. This committee will validate savings and feasibility of proposals and make recommendations to the County Manager for acceptance.

County Manager Responsibility
The County Manager will determine final acceptance of proposals and present the proposal for any other approvals deemed necessary.

Human Resources Director Responsibility

At any point during the process that a proposal is determined to be ineligible, the Human Resources Director will be notified and will handle notifying the submitting employee(s) and their department head. The Human Resources Director will also be notified when a proposal is approved and will execute the awarding of the paid leave time or monetary award, whichever is applicable.