Wise Woman

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The WiseWoman Project is a sister program to BCCCP. It provides screening services for weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. Each participant receives follow up education for developing a more heart healthy lifestyle.


The clientele must meet all criteria for BCCCP with exception of age. Wise Woman participants must be 40-54.


Each participant is screen for blood pressure, cholesterol levels and glucose if it is deemed necessary. Elevated cholesterol levels or glucose levels are referred to the WATCH unit for follow up or to the physician of their choice. (This is limited to one visit per year.)

Follow Ups

Elevated blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, or glucose levels are followed up at 6 months with recheck on the elevated levels.

Follow up also occurs annually. This includes screening of weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose.

Schedule An Appointment

If you think you qualify, call 919-731-1005 to schedule an appointment.