Past Department Projects

January 2019

Created a map book just for the Town of Pikeville.  It shows just the streets that are within the Town of Pikeville and within its ETJ.

November 2018

Created a map book for Dudley VFD.  It shows only the streets that fall within the Dudley Fire District as well as a mile out for mutual aid.

August 2018

Thanks to the new tools in ArcGIS 10.4.1, the GIS department was able to create an indexed map book.  This book has every street in Wayne County as an reference index showing which map within the book contains the street.

July 2018

Created street index map showing all streets within Wayne County and also its location within the map using a grid system.  Currently available from the Panning / GIS Departments.

June 2018

Address verification project was completed for the upcoming 2020 Census.

August 2017

Updated GIS infrastructure for the county from ArcGIS 9.3.1 to ArcGIS 10.4.1.  Limitations to the version was due to the limitations of Spillman 911.

April 2017

Wayne County has completed implementation and rollout of its new public mapping application - ConnectGIS.  The new application can be accessed through GIS Maps within this website or directly by going to  This new public portal replaces GoMaps which has been in service since 2010.

November 2016

Brought on board Julio Garrido - Wayne County's new GIS Coordinator

June 2011

Wayne County IT and GIS departments completed the new tax department CAMA system to GIS database integration. Property information contained in the GOMAPS application now reflects the latest tax revaluation figures.

April 2011

Wayne County has acquired new aerial imagery as part of a statewide aerial imagery mapping grant. The imagery was flown in the Winter, 2010 at 6 inch resolution, 1:200' scale, digital capture, color.

January 2011

Wayne County and the City of Goldsboro integrated their GIS databases for the exchange of data between the two local governments. This integration allows the City and County the ability to have the most current datasets from each agency for its own use.

August 2010

Wayne County has added additional map layers to its Map Nimbus mapping application including public health inspections for food services, tattoo parlors, adult care facilities, child care facilities, lodging, pools, nursing and rest home facilities. Access the website.

June 2010

Wayne County and the City of Goldsboro link their respective GIS databases for the purposes of data sharing between the two local governments. This ensures uninterrupted access and database maintenance by both parties.

May 2010

Wayne County launches a new public map viewer, GOMAPS. The County is pleased to deliver a new locally hosted internet mapping solution based on FLEX development and delivered via ArcGIS Server. The application replaced a locally hosted ArcIMS website.

March 2010

Wayne County launches a new Crime Mapping application called MAPNIMBUS. The application is a ArcGIS Server Google Maps mashup displaying crime and sex offender data for all of incorporated and unincorporated Wayne County. Crimes data may be queried back to 1996.

November 2009

  • Wayne County provides the Tax Department with a ArcGIS Server based mapping solution GEOBLADE. The application is a ArcGIS Server "thin client" application available to employees. The application provides access to GIS and TAX databases and incorporates aerial and oblique imagery. The application replaced an existing ArcIMS web application.
  • Wayne County makes updates to the software applications running its enterprise GIS solutions.
  • Wayne County virtualizes its GIS Servers as part of an overall server upgrade project.