Local Option Sales Tax

Moving Wayne Forward

Voters in Wayne County will decide during the 2022 general election how they want to fund school construction, improvements, and services. Sales tax revenue allows the Commissioners to lessen the burden on property taxes. This sales tax referendum excludes gas, prescription medication, and non-prepared foods or groceries. Remember-- sales tax applies to everyone, not just property owners. When you visit other counties and spend money, you’re already paying this increased sales tax. Duplin, Sampson, Wake, Orange, etc. These areas all collect 7% or more.

How Will It Affect Me?

Sales Tax 2022 What Will It Cost

Look for this on your ballot in November 2022

Sales Tax Ballot

What does this mean?

A vote FOR the local sales and use tax:

  • Increases the sales tax rate from 6.75% to 7%
  • Shares the tax burden across anyone purchasing goods (excluding gas, prescription medication, and non-prepared foods or groceries) in Wayne County
  • Increases the level of service Wayne County is able to provide
  • Allows the Board of Commissioners to possibly lower property tax rates
  • Generates approximately $2.8 million per year in revenue for Wayne County

A vote AGAINST the local sales and use tax:

  • Keeps the sales tax rate at 6.75%
  • No change in level of service in Wayne County
  • Property taxes may increase in future years to fund existing services 
  • A 1 cent property tax increase generates $900,000