Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Board

Regular Meetings

  • Bimonthly


Members are appointed to 2 year terms
  • Fletcher Bizzell, Indian Springs
    Term expires: June 2019
  • Charles Brogden
    Term expires: June 2019
  • Melanie Emerson Sanders
    Term expires: June 2019
  • Bill Pate, Board of Commissioner Appointee - Term expires December 2018


Not appointed by Board of Commissioners


27 (3 appointed by Wayne County Board of Commissioners)


The Board is a policy-making body that has overall planning responsibility for the JTPA activities, and within the requirements of the law and State policy determine who will be served, what services are provided and who provides services.


JTPA - Public Law 97-300, October 13, 1982, Section 102

Source of Appointment

Wayne County Board of Commissioners