Sheriff's Office

An image of Sheriff Larry Pierce with the Sheriff's Office Mission Statement written on it.
                Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office to maintain a preservation of peace, uphold the constitutionality of the Sheriff's Office, prevent criminal activity and provide judicious service to the community with utmost integrity in a positive and professional manner.
  We are dedicated to providing sound service through ethical and humanitarian practices. It is our commitment to strive for excellence while developing our organization to meet the present and future needs of all Wayne County citizens.
  1. Civil Division

    The Wayne County Sheriff's Office Civil Division currently consists of 2 different sections. These sections are Civil Processing and Court Security.

  2. Detention Center

    Discover a plethora of factual information about our detention center including the size, the staff, and more about the food services.

  3. Drug Squad

    The Drug Squad is a specialized unit of the Investigations Division and is responsible for all aspects of our investigative response to the illicit drug activity that affects our communities in Wayne County.

  4. History of the Sheriff

    Have you ever wondered where the idea of a Sheriff came from? We gathered the history of the Sheriff's office for you - it all began in Anglo-Saxon England.

  5. Enforcement Division

    The Enforcement Division consists of Investigations, Patrol, Warrant Unit, Drug Unit, A.C.E., DWI Task Force, Aviation Unit and Support Services.

  6. Investigations Division

    The Division investigates murders, sex crimes, financial crimes and frauds, unattended deaths, fires and any other felony crimes and some misdemeanors.

  7. Patrol & K-9 Division

    The Patrol Division is assigned to answer emergency and non-emergency calls. They respond to a wide variety of complaints.

  8. Pistol Permits & Concealed Handgun Policy

    Learn how to apply for a new concealed weapon, renew your permit, and ready safety tips from our office.

  9. Special Features & Services

    View a list of online resources.

  10. Support Services Division

    The function of Support Services is overseeing the daily administrative operations of the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center.