Inspections Department

The Wayne County Inspections Department issues permits (Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire, and Mobile Home Setup) for Wayne County except for the Town of Mount Olive and the City of Goldsboro and their one-mile extra territorial jurisdiction.

We try to work with the contractors and individuals to coordinate their inspections. Call in before 5:00 pm for next day inspection.
  1. Check Permit Status

    Easily check the status of permits and inspections online.

  2. Commercial Plan Review Check List

    Read complete information about how to obtain a commercial plan review.

  3. Fee Schedule

    Apprehend a list of building permit fees and various other fees such as mechanical permit and plumbing permit fees.

  4. Inspection Process

    Become informed about the entire inspection process - from footing to final inspection.

  5. Inspections Staff

    View the names and code qualifications of our staff members and inspectors.

  6. Mobile Home Inspections

    Become acquainted with the process of mobile home inspections.

  7. Permit Application Forms

    Quickly find building and inspection permit forms.

  8. Permit Application Requirements

    Easily find the requirements for building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and mobile home setup applications.

  9. Residential Plan Review Check List

    Before you apply for a residential inspection, read this plan review checklist.

  10. Wayne County Used Mobile Home Ordinance

    Become informed about the requirements for used mobile home inspections.