A talk with the County Manager

County Manager George Wood recently sat down with Wayne-Goldsboro Television to give an update on the Board of Commissioners meeting on February 21, 2017. Mr. Wood spoke with Wayne Alley on the 911 Call Center, Spillman Technology Software, Emergency Medical Services and Maxwell Regional Agricultural and Convention Center.

The call volume at the 911 Call Center is rising and more telecommunicators are needed. To handle the call volume currently there are only six telecommunicators which needs to be more but space is limited.  Due to the state requirements to have a backup center, this was an opportunity to build a new 911 Call Center to provide more telecommunicators.  The current 911 Call Center will be the back up center once the new 911 Call Center is built. The Commissioners are working with Stewart Cooper Newell Architects for the new 911 Call Center (PSAP). The Board approved the design on February 7, 2017 and will decide on the wind speed on March 7, 2017.  The minimum wind speed is 110, but FEMA requires 200.  The Facilities Committee met and will bring to the Board for the wind speed to be 130. According to the plans, the 911 Call Center will be ready late summer/early fall to put out for bid.

County Manager George Wood touched base on the new Spillman Technology Software that will be available for the 911 Call Center, Emergency Medical Services, Sheriff's Office and Detention.  Once one entry is entered into system, it will continue to build on the file for less keying and to keep the responding emergency workers advised on what is happening before arriving on scene.

The County is currently evaluating all Emergency Medical Service stations. The response times is 8 minutes to 90% population.  Due to Hurricane Matthew, the Seven Springs EMS Station was flooded for the second time which started the evaluating process for all Emergency Medical Service Stations to make sure of the correct locations for responding times.  During this time, Elroy Fire Department Station #2 leases a couple of bays to home the Emergency Medical Service vehicles.  County Manager George Wood stated that all stations seemed to be in good locations but possibly will have to build one in the North Eastern part of the County.  As the County's non-emergency transportation service (WayneNET) continues to grow may have to build to existing stations two to three additional bays to house WayneNET vehicles.

Maxwell Regional Agricultural and Convention Center is on schedule and is set to open March 1, 2018.

For more information, contact County Manager's Office at 919-731-1435.