Board Members

2015-2017 Wayne County Board of Elections Board Members
Board members are appointed for 2 year terms every odd year. Nominees are submitted by county political parties and appointments are approved by the North Carolina State Board of Elections in late June of every odd year.


  • Doug Wiggins, Chairman
  • Jimmy Hull, Secretary
  • Bridgette Cowan

Doug Wiggins, Bridgette Cowan, Jimmy Hull

3 members of the Board of Elections being sworn into office.
The Wayne County Board of Elections is responsible for conducting all federal, state and local elections held within the county.

The Board is comprised of 3 members, with not more than 2 being from the same political party. The Board, which has quasi-judicial and policy-making authority, operates under the general supervision of the NC State Board of Elections

The Board oversees and ensures the management and maintenance of voter registration records for the county and 7 municipalities. It is also responsible for:
  • Administration of the Campaign Reporting Act
  • Establishment of all election precincts
  • Investigation of voting irregularities
  • Maintenance and storage of all voting equipment
  • Recruitment, appointment, and training of all Precinct Election Officials
The Board of Elections is committed to ensuring that the electoral process is conducted fairly and honestly and that all election laws, campaign finance laws, rules and regulations are equally applied.