Data Requests

Data requests submitted to our office are listed here and may be downloaded at no charge. Requests will remain on this site for 3 months. It is strongly recommended that requestors save their data on their own computer system and use any backup methods already in place.

Data Request Formats
Data is presented in the requested format when possible. *Note: we are able to configure data per your request, however only certain data is public information (name, physical and mailing address, telephone number, party, race, ethnicity, gender, age, etc.) Please be very specific in how you would like your data sorted and what information you would like included. The Board of Elections is not responsible for technical support for how to use formatted files or database software.

How to Request Data
To make a request for data, please use our Data Request Form (PDF).

File Type Conversion Instructions
Due to limitations within our software, reports will be generated in a .txt file type. For instructions on converting txt files for use in MS Excel, watch this instructional video.

When converting txt files to excel, all files generated by this office will be a comma delimited file. Read the written instructions for file conversion (PDF).

Wayne County Data